Privacy Policy

Welcome to Parrs Foods Ltd Privacy Page! 
This page is designed to inform you of our Privacy Policy.
We collect a variety of information about people and we use it different ways. Therefore, we designed this page to allow you to find the information about our privacy practices in a quick and easy way.
We, Parrs Foods Ltd, are the Controller of Personal Information. This means we take the responsibility to keep your data and we decide how we use it. 
We want to help you stay in control of your information, so please click on the relevant link to learn more of how we use and protect your Data. 
Feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer in case of any questions or concerns about your Personal Information.
CMS 1.2 Privacy Policy for Job Applicants.pdf
CMS 1.3 Privacy Policy for Employees.pdf
CMS 1.4 Privacy Policy for Suppliers.pdf
CMS 1.5 Privacy Policy for Customers.pdf