The Parrs Range

Our honeycomb and cinder toffee is expertly crafted by hand here in our BRC AA accredited Yorkshire factory.  We boil sugar in copper pans, the traditional way, using our uniquely designed recipe to ensure each piece has a delicious  taste - sweet with caramel tones.  A signature crunchy bite and chewy finish keep our customers coming back for more time and time again.

Toffee Apples

Our Toffee Apples are enjoyed throughout the UK every Autumn. We use the freshest crispest apples and hand dip each one in our own sweet red toffee coating to create the perfect crunchy traditional toffee apple experience. We also take care to source the best components. Our unique square robust apple sticks are specially made from a FSC renewable source and our bright red toffee colouring is all natural and unique to our product.  These are the best toffee apples in the land! 
(Available seasonally through major retailers)

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